The type of information you tell us can make a difference!

It’s a reality that criminals are lurking somewhere nearby – and their illicit activities can erode community confidence and make us feel unsafe in our home and as we go about our lives.

That’s why it’s important to keep your eyes open are share what you know with Crime Stoppers, because our success comes from the quality – not quantity – of the information we receive.

As we get older and our lives become busier, it’s easy to let our observation skills become a bit rusty. How many times have you watched the evening news to hear neighbours say they are shocked at the discovery of a drug lab right next door, an arsenal of weapons uncovered somewhere in the street, or someone arrested for a serious crime who lived nearby? Chances are there were warning signs that could have been shared with police by people contacting Crime Stoppers.

Remember that you don’t have to say who you are when you contact us, just share what you know. And the more you know, the greater the value of the information is that you provide.

That’s why it’s worthwhile to make a note about:

  • What happened, when & where;
  • Male or female;
  • Hair colour, length and type;
  • Estimated height and age;
  • Athletic, skinny, or obese build;
  • Skin complexion – type or colour – and eye colour;
  • Facial hair – beard, moustache, goatee;
  • Tattoos, piercings;
  • Accent, sound of voice or language;
  • Clothing – headwear, footwear, glasses, clothing description, bag, hat, etc;
  • Vehicle registration, make & colour;
  • Distinctive features, roof racks, unusual stickers, vehicle damage;
  • Photo, video or dashcam footage of incident.

When you contact Crime Stoppers you don’t have to provide evidence of a crime. If something bothers you because it doesn’t seem right, then we want to know.

We receive a tip every two minutes across the nation from people wanting to share information about unsolved crimes and suspicious activity – so don’t let crime happen on your watch. If you see something suss then call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or make a report online.