In 2019, Crime Stoppers programs across the nation received 313,655 contacts via the hotline, website and other means, resulting in 155,240 Information Reports being provided to police.

The information those reports contained directly led to 5,215 apprehensions and 18,686 charges being laid.

You can play a part in making a safer community by sharing what you know about unsolved crime and criminal activity without having to say who you are.

Just call our toll-free national hotline on 1800 333 000 or clicking on your relevant state or territory.



Contacts online reports received from people wanting to share what they know
Calls in 2020 to our national freecall 1800 333 000 hotline
Apprehensions made in 2020, including fugitives, robbers & drug dealers
Charges laid in 2020 for a range of crimes, including murder, arson & robbery