Stay vigilant for the signs of human trafficking

Crime Stoppers urges travellers to be vigilant for signs of human trafficking as international borders reopen this festive season.

Human trafficking is happening in Australia and everyone can play a role in helping to protect people who are vulnerable to human trafficking, slavery, forced marriage and forced labour.

Signs that someone may be a victim of human trafficking include:

  • The person appears reluctant to travel, and/or their movements appear to be controlled by another person;
  • The person does not have a passport or another form of identity or the person can’t access them;
  • The person is subject to poor living or working conditions;
  • The person never or rarely leaves their house for non-work reasons;
  • The person has little or no money or no access to their earnings;
  • The person has physical injuries which may have resulted from assault, harsh treatment or unsafe work practices; or
  • The person is always in the presence of their employer or another person, who does not want or allow them to socialise with others.

Human trafficking generally involves people brought in to Australia through coercion, threats or deception; but increasingly included victims leaving the country (known as exit trafficking).

The maximum penalty for trafficking in persons in Australia is 12 years’ imprisonment.

Anyone at risk of harm should contact police on ‘000’.

If you know or suspect anything about human trafficking you can contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or

You don’t have to say who you are or get involved.