Criminals put on notice as national study shows people power delivers real results

With this year marking the 20th year milestone of having a Crime Stoppers program in each State and Territory, the release of an independent report as part of National Crime Stoppers Day 2019 celebrations on Monday, 27th May shows that 82% of all Australians feel safer knowing the program is in place across the country.

The report also found that 81% of Australians believe the option of anonymity when contacting the trusted information reporting channel remains a major drawcard.

Crime Stoppers Australia Chair, Ms Diana Forrester says: “These results underline the significant value that the program offers in solving some of the nation’s most horrific and baffling crimes and reinforces that people can make a difference by anonymously sharing what they know.”

“Australia is a culturally-rich and diverse nation, with the 2016 Census showing that nearly half (49%) of Australians had either been born overseas or had one or both parents born overseas – and this report underlines that Crime Stoppers is for everyone in the community,” Ms Forrester said.

“We have seen within Australia, in neighbouring countries, and around the world, the devastation that crime can bring when a blind eye is turned. Someone might be reluctant to speak up because they fear retaliation, are wary of police, or want to avoid becoming involved in legal proceedings. Crime Stoppers offers a safe solution because people can stay anonymous and share what they know,” she said.

In 2018, Crime Stoppers programs across the nation received 319,861 contacts via the hotline, website and other means, resulting in 145,442 information reports being raised and passed to police. The information those reports contained directly led to 5,406 apprehensions and more than 15,580 charges being laid.

Ms Forrester said the independently-commission report estimated the economic value of Crime Stoppers to Australia as $170m, with an additional $66m in added value from drugs being seized, property returned, and crimes being prevented.

“Every dollar invested in Crime Stoppers delivers an outstanding $11.15 in return value. That’s a great result for the 77% of Australians who want to help prevent crimes from happening – and reinforces that Crime Stoppers operates in a way that encourages, enables and supports community participation,” she said.

“For an organisation which prominently features a volunteer leadership base these are great results thanks to the community, the many volunteers, media outlets and our corporate and government program partners.”

“As we celebrate Crime Stoppers Day 2019 we want people to know that everyone can play a part in making a safer community by sharing any information by calling our toll-free national hotline on 1800 333 000 or going to