Crime Stoppers Australia terminates membership with international program

The Crime Stoppers Australia (CSA) Board has unanimously resolved to immediately end its long-standing membership with Crime Stoppers International (CSI).

The decision stems from concerns about the international body’s partnership with Aylo and Ethical Capital Partners (ECP), which owns a portfolio of adult entertainment websites, including Pornhub.

Prior to making this decision, Crime Stoppers Australia had actively urged the international body to sever ties with Aylo/ECP as a priority, particularly noting publicly available details regarding recent or current legal actions involving Aylo.

While Crime Stoppers Australia acknowledges the lawful operation of online adult entertainment generally, the Board holds the view that the partnership between Crime Stoppers International, Aylo and Ethical Capital Partners is at odds with Crime Stoppers Australia’s charitable purpose, which is to advance the security or safety of Australia and the Australian public. That purpose has been built on a foundation of trust with our law enforcement partners and the Australian people.

Neither Crime Stoppers Australia – or any Crime Stoppers jurisdiction in Australia – receives any financial contribution from Crime Stoppers International.

Crime Stoppers Australia is committed to protecting the strong and positive working relationship it has had with all Australian-based police services and the broader Australian community for nearly 40 years.