Major WA drug bust showcases the power of sharing what you know with Crime Stoppers

A single phone call to Crime Stoppers by someone wanting to share information about suspected drug dealing in the community has led to the recent closure of a methamphetamine, heroin and cannabis distribution network in Western Australia.

The tip-off led police to investigate suspected drug activity at a Cloverdale home, which reportedly had a steady stream of people, including children on bikes, coming and going from the property at all hours. A second home in nearby Redcliffe was also raided, with drug paraphernalia and a home-made gun found. A total of 19 people were charged with 370 offences as part of a 12-week investigation targeting low to mid-level drug dealers in the Cannington district.

Crime Stoppers Australia Chair, Ms Diana Forrester, said this was one of many examples where information provided to Crime Stoppers results in a safer community.

“Throughout 2019 someone contacted Crime Stoppers every two minutes to share information about an array of unsolved crimes and suspicious activity, which led to an average of 100 apprehensions by police every week across Australia,” Ms Forrester said.

“This major drug bust in Western Australia demonstrates how one contact to Crime Stoppers can make a real difference because it might be the missing piece of a puzzle to solve a case or an important first step that sparks a police investigation,” she said.

“When someone contacts Crime Stoppers they don’t have to get involved in any investigation, make a formal statement or take part in any court proceedings – they just need to know that if something doesn’t feel right or they only have a suspicion about something then they can share what they know without having to say who they are,” she said.

“We want information about all types of crimes and any suspicious activity in the community and want everyone to know that even the smallest piece of information can make a big difference.”

“This is a great example where someone contacts Crime Stoppers and provides information, but on face-value it looks like nothing is happening in response. In reality, a great deal of follow-up investigation and evidence gathering may be occurring behind the scenes before someone ultimately gets a knock on their door by police.”

In 2019 more than 313,655 contacts were received about criminals and illegal activity which led to 155,240 information reports for follow-up investigation. A total of 5,215 apprehensions were made and 18,686 charges laid by police for a range of offences that included murder, armed hold-up, drug manufacturing and dealing, serious fraud and more.

If you have any information about unsolved crime or suspicious activity then contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or make an online report at