Keeping housebreakers at bay

To reduce the opportunity for thieves to gain entry into your home, it is worthwhile considering the following security tips:

  • Ensure appropriate keyed locks are fitted to all doors and windows.
  • Even when you are outside, be sure to lock all doors and windows.
  • Lock gates, garages and sheds when not in use.
  • House keys, car keys and garage remote controls should be kept in a safe location. Thieves may use them to gain entry to your home or to steal your car.
  • Install and activate an alarm system.
  • Keep trees and bushes in front of doors and windows trimmed to avoid being used as hiding places.
  • Lock all garden tools and ladders away securely so they cannot be used to break into your home.
  • Don’t leave valuables in obvious places. Thieves often target jewellery boxes on bedroom dressers and other valuables in bedside drawers and cupboards.
  • Break down packaging of expensive items and place it in your bin. Don’t leave it next to your bin on the street.
  • Lock your meter box to prevent thieves interfering with your power supply (contact your local electricity provider for more information).

Mark Valuable Property

  • Use an engraver, ultra violet (UV) pen or microdots to mark property.
  • UV pens are best used for items that cannot be engraved e.g. ceramics, antiques etc.
  • Mark your valuables with your driver’s licence number, prefixed by the first letter of your state or territory.
  • Photograph jewellery with a ruler beside it to give an indication of the actual size.
  • Record all details on a property record and keep this in a safe place.