Illicit Drugs for business


Why a national illegal drugs campaign?

Through an Australian Government Proceeds of Crime Act Grant, Crime Stoppers is delivering a comprehensive campaign to help tackle the illegal drug trade.

There are three key pillars to the campaign including:

  • Community Engagement
  • Advertising
  • Industry Engagement

This campaign was developed with guidance from the Serious and Organised Crime Coordination Committee, which includes Assistant Commissioners from every Australian state and territory policing jurisdiction as well as the Australian Federal Police, Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, Australian Tax Office, AUSTRAC, Australian Border Force and New Zealand Police.

What is the illegal drug trade?

  • The illegal drug trade is the importation, manufacture, supply and distribution of illegal drugs.
  • Illegal drugs causes serious harm to people in our community.
  • The trade relies on people working in trusted positions to engage in criminal activities.
  • Criminals need to ship, store and transport illegal drugs so workers in transport and logistics can be sought after by organised crime.
  • Criminals look for ways to invest proceeds of crime and to purchase high end items of value such as houses, cars, watches, artwork, fashion goods including clothes, jewellery and handbags.
  • Penalties for importing, manufacturing, supplying and distributing illegal drugs include significant prison sentences and seizure of assets.
Illicit drug trade supply chain

What can you do?

  • Employees and contractors can play a critical role in helping to disrupt the illegal drug trade by sharing suspicious activity anonymously with Crime Stoppers.
  • Work with Crime Stoppers to deliver messages and promotional materials to your staff, contractors or customers.
  • Let Crime Stoppers know if you have any bespoke needs e.g. specific poster sizes, internal communications channels with particular specifications.
  • Protect your staff, customers or brand by ensuring your people know who to contact.
  • You can protect yourself, your business and help others by encouraging your people to share what they know anonymously with Crime Stoppers.
  • If you have been approached, or if you are in over your head, making an anonymous report to Crime Stoppers can be your way out.
  • Because reports can be anonymous, they’ll never know who it was that protected your business and your people.

What are the red flags?

Suspicious behaviours include:

  • Anyone attempting to recruit you or other workers into activity that you know is not right.
  • Anyone asking you to ignore something you know is wrong.
  • Anyone without the proper authority trying to access cargo or high-risk areas.
  • worker acting nervously for no obvious reason.
  • A worker accessing containers or shipments without authority.
  • A worker arriving or leaving at unusual hours.
  • A worker with large quantities of cash.
  • A worker with outlaw motorcycle gang tattoos on their person.
  • A worker with an expensive lifestyle that doesn’t match their income.
  • Unusual or unscheduled truck/delivery stops.
  • Large cash transactions in retail or other businesses.

Who can your staff and contractors contact?

  • Crime Stoppers has protected information provided by Australians for more than 30 years and offers a way for you to speak up without saying who you are, getting involved or putting yourself at risk of harm.
  • You decide how much information you share.
  • You can anonymously share what you know at or by phoning 1800 333 000.
  • Calls to Crime Stoppers are not recorded and IP addresses are not stored – so you can remain completely anonymous.

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