Illegal Guns – New South Wales

 No Illegal Guns  

An illegal gun is a dangerous gun, for you and your family. 

Say something before it is too late. 

Because no illegal guns in our community is our aim.

Your safety is our priority, so if you know someone with an illegal gun tell Crime Stoppers today.

New South Wales

For more information, visit our Australia-wide FAQ here.


If you have any information about an illicit firearm, you can contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or at Crime Stoppers New South Wales – Report OnlineShare information Safely and Confidentially.

You don’t have to say who you are, get involved or compromise your own safety.

No – you may have heard something or have a suspicion only. Don’t second guess yourself, contact Crime Stoppers and let us evaluate it – because if the information is of concern to you then it’s important to us.

When you contact Crime Stoppers you don’t have to provide concrete evidence of a crime involving a firearm. You may have overheard something, or something just doesn’t feel quite right – so reach out and share what you know.

Yes. The national firearms amnesty is permanent. 

For further information regarding the amnesty please go to: Firearm Amnesty – Crime Stoppers Australia

Firearms enable organised crime groups to be more lethal in their activities.

It only takes one firearm in the hands of a person with malicious intent to be of great concern to yourself, your family, or the community. Illicit firearms put us all at risk.

Crime Stoppers needs your help for ongoing, and sustained effort to reduce the number of, and access to, illicit and unregistered firearms in the community. Say something before it is too late.