Firearm Amnesty – South Australia

 National Firearms   Amnesty 

If you have an unregistered or unwanted firearm, this is an opportunity to hand it in with no penalty.

Because no unregistered firearms in our community is our aim.

South Australia

For more information, visit our Australia-wide FAQ here.

In South Australia, you can surrender a firearm at your nearest police station or participating licensed firearm dealer. Click here to find a surrender point.

No, in South Australia you do not need to prearrange a drop off.

Under no circumstances should loaded firearms be taken into a police station, dealer or other public place.

When surrendering a firearm to a participating licensed dealer or to a police station, make sure the firearm is unloaded and where possible, remove the bolt or other method to render the firearm safe.

Gel blaster firearms must have batteries and accessories removed. Your firearm should be placed in a gun bag or be wrapped in a blanket prior to taking it to a participating licensed dealer or to a police station. 

Ammunition can be taken to a participating licensed dealer or to a police station at the same time as your firearm but should be in a separate bag, box or container.

The amnesty allows you to hand in unregistered firearms without fear of prosecution. The amnesty provides protection from prosecution where a person is in possession of an unregistered firearm for the purpose of handing it in.

If you seek to register firearms you hand in, you may need to pay licensing, registration or permit to acquire fees.

There is no cost involved with handing in firearms for destruction.

If you apply to register firearms you hand in, those firearms will be stored at an approved location while the registration process takes place. You cannot possess the firearms during the registration process.

I do not hold a firearms licence and wish to have firearms returned once I have a licence*I hold a firearms licence and wish to have these firearms registered and added to my licence.

Firstly apply for a firearms licence. For criteria and information visit:

If the firearm fits within allowed categories, you can apply for a permit to acquire a firearm. For categories and information visit:

*A firearm licence allows you to use a firearm if you hold a genuine reason – you cannot own or buy a firearm just because you have a licence. You also need a permit to acquire for each and every firearm.

Yes. A surrender form will be completed, and you will be given a receipt.

You will need to complete a form called a PD315 Surrender Notice at a Police Station, or a PD315A Surrender Notice at a Dealer.