MyPD launches, backed by Crime Stoppers and 000


Introducing MyPD: My Personal Details the world’s first FREE online Critical Information Register. Visit

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Introducing MyPD: My Personal Details the world’s first FREE online Critical Information Register.  


Crime Stoppers has today assisted in launching a new service that registers personal details to be used to notify next of kin in an emergency. the world’s first FREE online Critical Information Register.  
If you are involved in an accident gives Emergency Service Personnel on-the-spot access to information about you - your preferred contact person/s and basic medical so “You're Never a Nobody”.

Peter Price OAM, Director and CEO for Crime Stoppers (NSW), said this service could be crucial in finding someone’s family.
 “Any member of the public can use the free service; this gives them peace of mind that in the case of an unfortunate event, emergency services personnel can contact the victim’s family,” Mr. Price said.
 “Look in your purse or wallet right now and see if you have a name and number of a person to contact in case of an emergency.
 “With more than 7 million people visiting hospital emergency each year, you never know when an accident can happen and says…with us you are never a nobody.”

Kathleen Kennyfounder of, said the free service was a starting point.

“We just started to think about all these natural disasters that have occurred, people who have lost everything, not only loved ones, but also crucial personal documents and insurance details,” she said.

 “The free service is our starting point, but in due course we will offer database services for storing records such as insurance policy details, receipts for expensive purchases, birth, death, marriage certificate details.
NSW Ambulance said MyPD could only be accessed by emergency services personnel.
 “MyPD can quickly help find families in case of a critical medical emergency. I would encourage people to utilise this free service”.
Mark Whybro Fire & Rescue NSW Assistant Commissioner and Chair of the National Triple Zero Awareness Work Group, said “emergency services often needed personal information during an emergency”.
 “Emergency services personnel respond to a whole range of emergencies and sometimes need to get in touch with family and friends of a person who is injured, so a service like MyPD would give us access to that information quickly and easily.
 “And of course, people should always call Triple Zero (000) in the event of an emergency.”
Dr Gordian FuldeDirector of Emergency Medicine at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney said "For an Emergency Department like St Vincent's, this initiative by MyPD can potentially make a pivotal difference in helping us care for patients”.

He continued: “Quite a significant proportion of our patients can be disoriented, inebriated or unconscious when they present to Emergency. In these situations, we can sometimes lose valuable time in caring for them because we are unable to ascertain basic but vital information about them."

Media enquiries:
Crime Stoppers: Peter Price OAM: Mob: 0417 99 66 00
MyPD: Kathleen Kenny: Mob: 0418 655 848
St Vincent’s:Public Affairs & Communications: David Faktor: Mob. 0405 497 510